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Advantages of Using Essential Oil Diffusers

Advantages of Using Essential Oil Diffusers

If you are wondering, What are the benefits to me when using diffusers? You will first need to know about the oils that will help you. Do you want to simply relax and feel more serene? Do you want moisturizing benefits for dry skin? Essential oils can be used in many ways. You can pour a few drops into your tub for a soothing and great smelling bath.

On the other hand, use diffusers to fan out the vapors with a cooling mist, permitting the extraction of the plant’s chemical properties that have been used for thousands of years by our distant ancestors. The oils will elevate your mood, help you to relax, heal dry skin, and is spiritually uplifting. Below are the many benefits from using a moisturizing diffuser.

1. Air Purification—The diffusing units are not “machines.” A lawnmower is a machine. Therefore, when you read “machine” at other websites, you might get a visual impression of something large. These units are small, portable, and marvelous for breathing clean, purified air, for removing tobacco smoke and other disagreeable odors. The essential oils have anti-microbial and anti-bacterial components derived from Mother Nature’s wonderful plant kingdom to benefit health happy people.

2. Dust Removal—Diffusers are ionizers. Negative ions attract dust particles, allergens, and other substances. With a diffuser, you will have cleaner air. Diffusers can help those people who suffer from dust allergies, dust mites, asthma, and other allergic ailments. Negative ions are another of nature’s laboratory of wonderful things!

A Side Trip About Negative Ions. Negative ions are in the air and might not be love, but are close to it. Colorless, odorless, and tasteless, they are invisible molecules we inhale abundantly. Think about the outdoors—beaches, waterfalls, mountains, the woods, the forests—these are rich negative ion areas and they are around us when it is raining. In the bloodstream, negative ions produce biochemical happenings that increase our levels of the mood enhancing brain chemical, serotonin that helps to remove stress, depression, and increase energy.

3. Help Uplift Mood and Eliminate Stress—Specific essential oils are known to lift a down mood up. These oils also relieve stress and mild depression. You will feel calmer and relaxed using essential oils with a lovely diffuser. Enjoy and feel secure knowing that the fragrant and purified air has been improved using oils.

4. Improve Immunity—When you purchase an oil diffuser, it means that you will be boosting your immune system by breathing in the plant’s natural and pure beneficial oils.

5. Whole Room Fragrance—Nothing is more appealing then when you laze around feeling enveloped by sweetly scented smells. An ultrasonic diffuser will do this for you, since the unit uses infinitesimal elements from the plant’s properties that wonderfully and elegantly distribute throughout the room. Within a few minutes, you will be experiencing your experience.

6. Humidifier—People exposed to pollen in the air are sometimes sensitive or allergic to their influences. Nasal allergies are miserable. The mucosa in the nose becomes inflamed and mucous is secreted. Humidification can help with that. The diffuser puts out moist air to alleviate the symptoms with its fine spray mist. It can raise the humidity up to 40% more than the current ambient level. You can use the diffuser with water alone to have more humidifying moist air effects.

7. Removes Foul Odors—The diffuser used with your favorite essential oil will remove last night’s fishy odor, smoky smells from tobacco products, and any other offensive or stale smells. Your area will smell fresh in no time.

8. Purity of Essential Oils—Because the essential oils are not heated, they maintain their chemical properties from the source from which they were created—nature’s finest plants. You receive the benefits of this from the ultra-fine mist that permeates your space.

9. No Waste—Most oil diffusers have an automatic shut off feature. This permits no waste of your essential oils in that you used them for their purpose and the unit has now shut down. If you do not want to use the full reservoir, shut the unit off and the oils will be there for the next time you turn it on. The oils do not just evaporate into thin air. They are either consumed or waiting to be consumed.

10. LED Lights—Most all diffusers today have light emitting diodes (LED) that have usually 7 colors of the rainbow.  I like to remember them this way:  Roy G Biv—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and sometimes white.  They can typically run on one color, cascade through all colors, and be turned off completely.  Checkout nature’s rainbow—the colors are in this order!

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